Multi-Party Preference and Collection Actions

Achieving optimal outcomes by vigorously pursuing your rights.

S. Mitnick Law PC pursues and liquidates preference claims on behalf of a trustee or plan administrator. In order to ensure an equitable pro-rata distribution to creditors, we carefully review preferential payments to determine if they are recoverable and vigorously pursue the estate’s rights against recipients of preferences.

We have prosecuted numerous claims and actions in large-scale disputes arising from distressed and bankrupt companies. We have pursued fraudulent transfer claims against entities globally, with a track record of recovering millions of dollars for our clients. We achieve the optimal outcome for our clients while minimizing the administrative expenses involved in the review and recovery of preferences.

We also pursue mass collection claims on behalf of Trustee and Assignees.

Representative Matters includes:

  • Represented the Trustee for DBSI Inc., a large Delaware bankruptcy case which involved prosecuting approximately 900 preference actions throughout the country, including dealing with several out-of-state co-counsels.
  • Represented the Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors in the liquidation of The Fleer Company, the legendary sports card company. This matter included over 100 preference actions against sports heroes and other individuals.
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